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Bike Accident Injury: Insurance Claims And Legal Options

As one of the leading law firms in Madison, WI, Eisenberg Law Offices often consults with victims of a bike accident. Oftentimes, cyclists don’t realize that they have legal options if they’ve suffered from bike injuries incurred during a collision. It’s our job to ensure they know their rights and how to best put together a claim to pursue compensation for their damages.

What To Know If You Get In A Bike Accident

If you’ve suffered injury during a bike accident, you may be entitled to file a personal injury claim with the other driver’s insurance company. Knowing the steps to take when the accident occurs can help you protect your rights. Treat your bike accident as you would an automobile accident. Take action at the scene of the collision. Call 911 and request medical care if you require it. Also, this is the time to get the personal and insurance information of the driver. Ask for the driver’s name, address and telephone as well as insurance company name and policy number.

You will also want to determine if there were any witnesses to your accident. Once police arrive on the scene, you will want to point witnesses out to law enforcement so they can give their statement. You may also want to ask for their contact information so you have it ready for your legal team.

If you are physically able, take photos of the accident site at this time. Use your cellphone if you don’t have access to another camera. Take pictures of damage to both the bike and vehicle. Also photograph street signs, skid marks, and other periphery damage that may have occurred due to the accident. Now is the time to take notes on any comments made to you by the driver. Did he apologize? Take responsibility at the scene? These details may prove admissible in a court of law.

Remain Calm At The Scene Of Your Bike Accident

The most important thing to remember during an accident of any kind is to remain calm. Never discuss fault. Instead, stay focused on the details of the incident. Treat your bike accident with the same severity as you would any other type of collision. Staying calm will help you gather the information you need for your legal team to pursue the next steps on your behalf.

As one of the region’s leading law firms in Madison, Eisenberg Law Offices can help you put together your bike accident injury case. Contact us today for more information.