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When Is a Resort Responsible for Your Injuries?

People flock to resorts for vacation time every year.  You look forward to relaxing and enjoying golf, spa days, or whatever else is available. Unfortunately, accidents at these locations happen all too often. If you are injured in an accident at a resort, you may have a right to sue for damages.

Common Injuries at Resorts

Slip and fall or trip and fall accidents occur every day. A resort may have loose mats, wet or worn surfaces, or uneven ground. Any of these can create hazards. In addition, old equipment or even unsafe furniture can cause problems for you.

If something breaks or trips you, you can suffer significant head, neck, muscle, or bone injuries. Falls may seem innocuous enough, but falling the wrong way can lead to medical costs, recovery time, and sometimes even permanent injuries.

When Is a Resort Liable?

A resort owes you a duty to keep its premises safe. Its management knows guests will be using the grounds, and has a duty both to be aware of the conditions there and to maintain the property in a way that is safe for you and others. Failure to do so is negligence.

If a resort does not properly maintain its property, and you are injured as a result of that failure, you can sue for damages. This can include medical costs for your injuries, lost wages, loss of enjoyment or affection, pain and suffering, and other kinds of losses you suffer as a result.

The resort will likely defend itself against a lawsuit, and has lawyers on call to help it do so. It may offer a settlement to compensate you, but that settlement is designed first to protect the resort itself. While you may be tempted to take the offer for quick compensation, you will probably miss out on recovering damages owed to you. If you are injured at a resort due to its negligence, contact Eisenberg Law Offices to learn how we can help.