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Serious Personal Injuries and Legal Options

Know your rights for serious personal injuries

An accident is a stressful event, to say the least. It also has a side effect that can really throw people for a loop: a delayed reaction to injury. While many accidents result in personal injuries that are obviously, visibly serious, others result in what may feel like a little soreness at first but then grow into a full-fledged chronic injury that seems to get worse a day or so after the accident. This can be more than distressing because you thought you were fine, and yet now you’re not. You do have legal remedies that can help cover those unexpected medical bills.

Once you start noticing increased pain or other problems, make an appointment to see your doctor. Keep copies of all records, from the calls to the visits to the trips to the pharmacy or other places related to your diagnosis.

Keep an eye on the statute of limitations. While you’ll have more than just a few days to file any claims and lawsuits, time can pass quickly, and the three years you have to take care of legal issues can disappear. It’s better to — once you are physically able to — contact a lawyer to discuss what you should do moving forward. If the accident and injury were caused by someone else, you need to be able to seek compensation from that person and their insurance company, and you have only a limited time in which to do that.

When you are able to, contact Eisenberg Law Offices at (608) 256-8356. Speak with a lawyer about the best course of action for you given the circumstances. You need compensation to cover bills and other costs, and legal action is often necessary.