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Juvenile Law Attorneys – All Juvenile Crimes

Juvenile-LawA juvenile is someone who has not reached the age of being legally responsible for criminal acts. In Wisconsin, most often that is under 18 years old.  Children and youth may face a wide array of legal situations, which require the help of juvenile defense attorneys.

At Eisenberg Law, located in Madison, Wisconsin, you will find professional and experienced juvenile attorneys ready to guide you though the juvenile law process from guardianship of a minor, delinquent conduct, parental neglect of a minor and CHIPS (Children in Need of Protection or Services).

The Juvenile Justice System

Juvenile courts deal with four kinds of young people:

  • juveniles accused of criminal conduct,
  • children neglected or abused by their parents,
  • children in need of assistance from the state,
  • youth accused of a status offense (conduct prohibited to children only, such as absence from school, purchase of alcohol, etc.).

Juvenile courts operate according to the assumption that youth differ from adults in terms of responsibility level and rehabilitation potential. Thus, the focus of juvenile justice system is not on the committed crime, but on the child’s treatment and reintegration into society.

Since juvenile court proceedings have their own distinct characteristics, only experienced juvenile law attorneys can advise you on the best course of action. We are here to serve you.  We will resolve your case with utmost care and minimal hassle.

Legal Help You Can Rely On

In almost 30 years of business, Eisenberg Law has successfully solved a wide array of juvenile criminal and non-criminal cases. By becoming a client of Eisenberg Law, in Madison, Wisconsin, you can rely on the experience and knowledge of our juvenile defense attorneys to provide you with optimal solutions in the following juvenile proceedings:

(1) Delinquency. Delinquents are young people charged with crimes, which would result in criminal prosecution if committed by adults. Since delinquent conduct is among the most serious juvenile offenses, do not take it lightly – seek the advice of our juvenile attorneys at once!

You need an experienced juvenile lawyer to also help you avoid the waiver of a juvenile into adult court.  Our goal is to keep the child in the confines and secrecy of the juvenile court.

(2) Termination of parental rights. Parental abuse or neglect of a minor is a sensitive situation which requires detailed and informed consideration. After a thorough investigation of your case, our juvenile defense attorneys will skillfully represent your rights in the court proceedings.

(3) Guardianship. If you seek legal help for guardianship of a minor, enlist the professional help of Eisenberg Law – our experienced juvenile attorneys will provide you with the reliable legal help you are looking for.

(4) AdoptionEisenberg Law adoption attorneys will stand by your side in court proceedings ensuring that your case gets the timeliest consideration and enables you to successfully adopt a child.

(5) CHIPS (Children in Need of Protection or Services). In certain circumstances, Wisconsin Child Protective Services or the court may get involved in order to protect a child. Such situations include absence of a parent or legal guardian, lack of nutrition or health care, a child at risk due to alcohol or drug abuse, among others.

Whether you wish to protect your child or defend your rights as a parent or guardian, Eisenberg Law, based in Madison, Wisconsin, is here for you. Our juvenile lawyers understand what you are going through and will tirelessly work to resolve your unique predicament so that you can have peace of mind.

Through long years of dedicated work, our juvenile attorneys have proved their commitment to provide highly personalized assistance to our clients. We will carefully listen to your concerns, thoroughly evaluate your situation and work together with you to ensure your maximum satisfaction with the outcome of the proceedings.

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