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DUI Arrest In Madison WI – What To Expect

In Wisconsin, drunk driving charges are also known as DUI, OWI or Operating While under the Influence. Driving or operating under the influence is a serious offense and the accusation results in two tickets for the violation. One is for OWI or DUI and the second is for violating Wisconsin’s prohibited alcohol concentration law or the PAC ticket.

For first time offenders, being faced with a drunk driving arrest can be frightening with no idea of what to expect. Typically, you get stopped by police and are requested to take field sobriety tests. You face the prospect of losing your license, hefty fines, a jail term and being branded for life. Rather than wait for the court to act, it is best to contact a reputable drunk driving attorneto advise you and represent you.
At Eisenberg law Offices, S.C. Madison, WI, our team of experienced OWI and DUI Attorneys have the skills to get you the settlement you deserve. Contact us with your court papers to review your case.

What To Do If Faced With Drunk Driving Arrest?

To ensure that you don’t lose your license, it is important to demand an “administrative suspension hearing” or “refusal hearing” depending on whether you took a blood or breath test or refused to take it. If you don’t demand the hearing within ten days from the date of the arrest, you will lose your driver’s license, so it is critical to take action right away and call your attorney.

Your Initial Appearance

Your first appearance at the court, if charged with a misdemeanor, is called an “initial appearance.” This involves a formal charge and the chance to plead “not guilty”, following which you can discuss the best course of action with your attorney. To save your driving license today, contact the Drunk Driving Attorneys at Eisenberg law Offices, S.C. Madison, WI.

What Will Happen At The Initial Appearance?

For first-time offenders, it is a civil offense and the court sets a date for a pre-trial. If this is your second or subsequent OWI, it is a criminal offense and the judge will order certain bail conditions.

Whether this is your first offense, second or subsequent OWI/DUI, the first thing to do is contact an experienced Drunk Driving Attorney who can represent you and get you the settlement you deserve. At Eisenberg Law Offices, S.C. Madison, WI, we will analyze the initial stop by police, the field sobriety tests, the blood and breath tests, and gather the evidence to represent you aggressively. We handle each case with the care and attention it deserves.

In drunk driving cases, our first priority is to get your driving license suspension put on hold so that you are free to drive to work, school and other personal commitments, or advise you how to obtain your occupational license. Based on our investigation, which includes a thorough review of police reports, witness statements and constitutional rights infringement, our team of OWI and DUI Attorneys will work to achieve the best outcome for you. Contact us to review your case.



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