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Getting A Second Option For Car Accident Injuries

When Car Accident Injuries Warrant a Second Opinion

Obtaining a second opinion for a medical condition is common practice in Wisconsin. Maybe you didn’t hit it off with the diagnosing doctor. Maybe you want to talk to someone who has more experience with the diagnosis. Maybe you just want to explore all of your options before settling on a treatment plan. All of these are perfectly acceptable reasons to talk to another provider regarding a diagnosis or an injury, including car accident injuries.

And yet, some people hesitate to seek out another opinion after a car accident in case it slows down payment on their claim. But this can actually help your claim if it results in you obtaining a more accurate diagnosis.

When to Get a Second Opinion

Obtaining a second opinion can help you better understand your health situation and options. It is always a good idea to speak with another healthcare provider if you have questions that your first provider can’t answer or if you leave the visit feeling confused or unsure about the findings and recommendations. Other reasons for seeking another opinion are:

  • The doctor dismisses or ignores your concerns or you don’t feel heard.
  • You have been following the treatment plan but haven’t seen results.
  • The treatment plan is risky, unproven, or too invasive in relation to expected outcomes.

Any time you lack confidence in your provider, you should get a second opinion.

Word of Warning: Do Not Stop Treatment

Getting another opinion won’t hurt your claim, but stopping treatment will. To an insurance company, this looks like you were not as badly injured as you claim and gives them an opening to deny or reduce the claim amount. It is always better to see a different doctor if you are unhappy with your treatment or progress than it is to stop treatment if you are involved in a car accident injuries claim.

The insurance company itself may even require you to see another doctor as part of an independent medical exam (IME). This doctor will be chosen by the insurance company, but it is a standard practice in injury claims. Your attorney can help prepare you for the examination.

Contact Eisenberg Law Offices to File Claims for Car Accident Injuries

Working with an insurance company after an accident is never easy. If car accident injuries are involved, the stakes are higher and the process is more complicated. Contact the team at Eisenberg Law Offices for help navigating the car insurance claims process to ensure you receive the coverage you need and are entitled to.

We offer free, no obligation consultations. Contact our Madison car accident attorneys at 608-256-8356 or

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