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Criminal Defense Attorneys Madison WI

Criminal Defense Attorneys In Madison WI Will Serve Your Legal Needs

Eisenberg Law Offices, Madison, Wisconsin –

Law-BooksWhen facing criminal charges under Wisconsin state law or federal law, having experienced criminal defense lawyers on your side will guarantee the best criminal defense.

What Makes Eisenberg Law The Best Criminal Defense Lawyers In Wisconsin?

As Wisconsin criminal defense lawyers with over 35 years experience, Eisenberg Law has successfully defended clients accused of homicidesexual assaultassault and batterydrug offensescomputer crimesfrauddrunk drivingwhite-collar crimes, and other offenses. When you find yourself in need of criminal defense lawyers, we offer just what you need in these circumstances:

  • Experience with a track record of success in defending clients for similar crimes
  • An excellent reputation in the community and among peers
  • Availability when you need us, regardless of the time of day
  • Personal service that ensures we will be with you throughout the process to thoroughly explain what is happening
  • Well-seasoned legal advice to help you weigh your options

Preserve Your Rights With Excellent Representation

The Constitution of the United States guarantees you the right to counsel when you are accused of a crime, and at Eisenberg Law, we will make sure that the best criminal defense lawyers in our firm work on your case. Whether you are innocent or guilty, criminal charges are a serious matter that can result in fines, prison time, family disruption, loss of your job, and a tarnished reputation. We work to achieve speedy justice for you with the best possible resolution.

When you are arrested or charged with a crime, it is important to know your rights. Speak to an attorney. Don’t talk to the police. Having your Eisenberg Law criminal defense attorney by your side will ensure that you have the guidance you need to properly proceed. If your arrest has been mishandled by law enforcement, we will help protect your rights.

Wisconsin Criminal Defense Lawyers On Call To Serve You

If you or a loved one is arrested on criminal charges or is suspected of committing a crime, make your first call to the Wisconsin criminal defense lawyers at Eisenberg Law. Our office number, 608-256-8356 is a 24-hour hotline, so regardless of when trouble starts, we are available to you.



Eisenberg Law has successfully represented our clients in thousands of Personal Injury, Criminal Defense and Family Law Cases during our 30-plus years in business.