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Slip And Fall Injury Attorneys

Slip-And-Fall Injury Attorneys Madison WI

Surprising as it may sound, falls are the leading cause of injury-producing accidents in the United States. According to the statistics of the National Center for Injury Prevention and Control, more than eight million people were injured due to slip-and-fall accidents in 2004. If you injure yourself on someone else’s property due to dangerous conditions caused by negligence, you may be able to hold the landowner or business proprietor responsible for your injuries. 

Eisenberg Law Offices slip and fall attorneys in Madison WI are ready to listen to you, assist you in establishing the negligence of the responsible party and establish your rights for recovering damages.

Overview Of Slip-And-Fall Cases

Slip-and-fall is a common accident.  It may lead to many types of injuries, ranging from relatively minor to extremely severe. When a slip occurs, the foot contact with the floor is broken, and, in an attempt to recover the center of gravity, an individual falls. Slip-and-fall accidents can occur nearly anywhere: indoors or outdoors, on private or on public property. Some of the most common hazards causing such accidents are: potholes, uneven sidewalks, adverse weather conditions (snow, ice or rain), slippery tiling, rippled carpet, unbalanced flooring and others.

The injuries caused by slip-and-fall accidents range in severity. Minor injuries, such as bruises and scrapes, heal relatively quickly.  However, brain or spinal cord injuries can cause lifelong damages, which require constant medical care. In the most severe cases, the injuries can result in death of the victim. Some of the major injuries include:

  • Broken arm/leg injury – happens when an individual falls and hits a hard surface or object which causes fracture or break.
  • Spinal cord injury – occurs when during slip-and-fall the back strikes a hard object, thus causing a severe injury.
  • Head trauma/Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) – encompasses any serious head injury, which leads to lasting physical or mental impairment.
  • Hip fracture – can be sustained in slip-and-fall incidents by individuals of any age, although the elderly are more at risk. 
  • Loss of life – may happen if the injury due to slip-and-fall is of extremely serious nature.

Establishing Negligence Of Others And Recovering Damages

If you or your family members have suffered in a slip-and-fall accident, our skilled personal injury lawyers at Eisenberg Law Offices, in Madison, Wisconsin, will help you to establish the negligence of the concerned party and recover the damages.

Negligence is failing to exercise the care that a sensible person would exercise in similar circumstances. In proving negligence, it has to be demonstrated that the defendant:

  1.   owed to the victim a certain level of care;
  2.   breached the duty of care by his/her actions or failure to act;
  3.   caused the accident that resulted in slip-and-fall injury of the victim.

Likewise, for recovering damages in slip-and-fall cases, the victim has to prove:

  1.   the presence of a hazardous condition;
  2.   that the defendant knew or should have know about that condition;
  3.   that the defendant did nothing to remedy that hazardous condition.

Proving negligence and the specific conditions for recovering damages require a detailed and informed examination of all the involved factors. Through experience of numerous slip-and-fall cases, Eisenberg Law Offices personal injury attorneys have perfected their skills in tackling these complex and often confusing legal issues. Since the law sets a limit on the time you may wait before filing your case, contact our slip-and-fall injury attorneys and schedule a free appointment for evaluating your claim. Do not deny yourself the compensation you rightfully deserve just because you took too long to act. Contact us today for a free consultation!



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