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Bike Accidents – Wisconsin Injury Attorneys

Do You Need a Bike Accident Attorney in Madison WI?

According to the Wisconsin Department of Transportation, a bicycle is a legal vehicle and belongs on the road or on the sidewalk.

People riding bicycles for transportation and recreation should ride with the flow of traffic, at least three feet from the curb. Motorists overtaking bicyclists must give bicyclists at least three feet of space when passing.

The Department of Transportation advises motorists to watch out for bicyclists approaching in oncoming lanes and using sidewalks and crosswalks as pedestrians when turning right.

Unfortunately, even if you obey the laws, you may at some point fall victim to an accident when you’re riding on the road or sidewalks.

If you’ve been hit by a car or truck while riding your bicycle, you need to call a bike accident attorney in Madison WI immediately. There are many different types of situations in which you, as a cyclist, may be entitled to compensation after an accident with a car, motorcycle, or another bicyclist. Unfortunately, insurance companies are often too eager to deny you the compensation that you deserve. You should talk with a bicycle accident attorney in Madison Wisconsin if:

  • If you’ve been struck by a vehicle turning left across your lane
  • If a motorist opened their door and struck you
  • If a vehicle has struck you from behind
  • If a vehicle passed you to turn right in front of you, causing you to hit the vehicle or have an accident
  • If you’ve been injured avoiding a collision with a negligent driver.

Experienced in Bike Accident Injury Cases

Eisenberg Law Offices employ personal injury attorneys who are dedicated to representing you and getting you the best possible compensation for your pain and suffering. Contact us at your earliest convenience for a free consultation if you’ve been injured in a bike accident.



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