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Probable Cause

Probable cause is when a police officer has the right to make an arrest or conduct a search due to facts or evidence leading them to believe that the suspect has committed a crime.

Probable Cause Can Result From:

1) Observation- Information a police officer obtains through their primary senses (sight, hearing and smell).

2) Expertise- Examples of this include being able to observe intoxicated behaviour, finding/noticing tools that are used in burglaries and having an objective reason to believe that an individual’s activities indicates that a crime is occurring or about to occur.

3) Direct Information- Statements given by witnesses or victims.

Probable cause must be evident for a judge to issue an arrest or search warrant. If an arrest is made without a warrant it must meet the standard of probable cause.

Any evidence that has been obtained through searches without probable cause cannot be used in court. If you have been searched or arrested without probable cause you should contact an experienced Wisconsin lawyer to learn more about your rights.

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Eisenberg Law has successfully represented our clients in thousands of Personal Injury, Criminal Defense and Family Law Cases during our 30-plus years in business.