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Common Drug Charges | Wisconsin Drug Crimes

Substance Abusers May Also Face These Common Drug Charges

Addiction and substance abuse are serious problems that affect nearly every aspect of a person’s life. If you have an addiction or abuse problem or know a loved one who does, you no doubt worry about the impact the abuse is having on his or her life. Even those who want to get clean struggle and relapse, sometimes repeatedly, until they get the right help.

Compounding the problem are the legal repercussions that may occur. When the abuser is high on a drug or alcohol, they may act of our character, do things that are extremely questionable, or make bad decisions in order to get their next fix. When that happens, it’s not unusual for the person to find themselves facing drug charges

Common Drug Charges in Wisconsin

There are several different kinds of drug-related charges that may be levied against a substance abuser. Understanding the charges and the evidence supporting them is crucial to your Wisconsin criminal lawyer building a strong defense. The specifics of the allegations and proof against the person will determine which charges are made and to what degree. This is important because some charges are more severe than others, carrying with them higher fines and harsher penalties. For example, possession of drugs is a less severe charge than selling drugs.

The most common charges that our Wisconsin criminal lawyer team see are:

  • Possession of drug paraphernalia. This charge may be applied when you don’t necessarily have drugs in your possession but have drug paraphernalia. Many things can be considered drug paraphernalia including everyday items like rolling paper, scales, syringes, or pipes.
  • Drug possession. Drug possession charges only arise when officers find illegal substances in your possession or “on your person”, as the charges often read. These charges may also come about if drugs are found in your residence or vehicle or if officers believe you had control of the substance when found in another location.
  • Drug dealing. Drug dealing charges can be applied even on a very small scale. They might even be applied to the abuser and his/her family members, depending on the situation and circumstances.
  • Drug trafficking. Trafficking is a step up in severity from drug dealing because it typically involves a much larger selling pool. It’s also common for traffickers to cross state lines or even travel in and out of the country, in which case, they’d face federal charges in addition to Wisconsin drug charges.

There are other types of drug crimes and charges that an abuser can face. If you have any concerns or questions about the charges facing you, contact a Wisconsin criminal lawyer at Eisenberg Law Offices in Madison. You always have the right to defend yourself against charges and with a skilled attorney on your side you may be able to beat the charges or have them reduced so you can continue on your path to sobriety without criminal charges hanging over you.  

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