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Prescription Drug Charges – Drug Possession – Criminal Defense Attorney

Drug offenses and crimes can result in serious administrative and criminal consequences. Depending on the particular circumstance, consequences may include probation, prison or jail time, forfeiture of property, or mandatory participation in a drug treatment program. Approaching a criminal defense attorney who is knowledgeable in drug arrest cases, such as a drug trafficking attorney, will help you evaluate all available options. Even in the case of possession of a controlled substance, a prescription drug attorney can ably guide you.

A criminal defense lawyer at Eisenberg Law Offices has the knowledge and expertise to help you address your drug arrest scenario. Your case can have harsh after effects on your record and your future. A drug defense attorney at Eisenberg Law will be happy to assist you if you are facing any drug charges, such as drug possession, drug dealing, or prescription drug charges. Eisenberg Law in Madison, Wisconsin, is well versed in Wisconsin state and federal criminal laws and can represent you and safeguard your rights.

Drug Crimes – An Overview

Drug offenses under Wisconsin law generally mirror Federal law, with some penalties varying in severity. Our criminal defense attorneys can proactively defend you on the following drug charges and crimes.

  • Possession: Whenever a person has an item within their body, on their person, or within their immediate surroundings, it is defined as possession. In addition, possession can also extend to personal property stored in a home or car.  Possession can be constructive or actual.
  • Intent to sell or distribute: If someone possesses a controlled substance and intends to sell or distribute drugs, whether by trade, sale, or gift, they can be criminally prosecuted under the law. To show intent, the State must prove that a person has the ability to complete the act. For example, if it is shown that a person was not in possession of a controlled substance, then the necessary intent to sell or distribute may not exist.
  • Manufacture of drugs: Wisconsin state drug laws as well as Federal drug laws prohibit the manufacturing, growing, distribution, or delivery of a controlled substance both within and outside the boundaries of the state of Wisconsin.  Drugs include marijuana, cocaine, heroin and other opiates as well as prescription medication such as hydrocodone, vicodin, oxycodone and oxycontin.
  • Counterfeit drugs: The manufacture, sale, or distribution of counterfeit drugs is unlawful under Wisconsin law.
  • Prescription drug possession: Only persons who have been provided with a valid doctor’s  prescription are legally authorized to possess the prescription drug.
  • Purchase of pseudoephedrine products: A purchase of more than 7.5 grams of pseudoephedrine or pseudoephedrine products from a place other than a pharmacy or from a pharmacist is illegal under Wisconsin laws. Violation of the pseudoephedrine law is classified as a Class I Felony. The law does not apply to purchases made by a medical physician, a dentist, a veterinarian, or a pharmacist.

Talk to Eisenberg Law About Your Situation

Drug arrest charges can have debilitating ramifications in your life. Your ability to effectively support yourself and your loved ones can be impacted if your drug matter is not carefully handled. A criminal defense attorney at Eisenberg Law will carefully study your case and present you with the best options so that you may avoid a conviction, prison time and other hardship.

If you or someone you know has been involved in a crime involving drugs, the attorneys at Eisenberg Law can help you sort matters out. Acting right now will help you in the long run as things may get worse with the lapse of time. Call us today for a free consultation to discuss your particular case. Help is only a call away!



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