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Defenses Your Criminal Defense Attorney In Madison, WI Might Use

Defenses Based On Innocence

  • Innocent until proven guilty. Your attorney will assert that the State did not prove your guilt beyond a reasonable doubt by raising doubt about the State’s evidence presented against you.

Defenses Based On Circumstances

  • Self-defense. You may have been in fear of bodily harm to yourself or others. As long as you did not use more force than necessary, you have the right to defend yourself and others against bodily harm.
  • Insanity. Your attorney may argue that you were incapable of understanding that you were doing something wrong or conforming your conduct to the law. An insanity or “not guilty by reason of mental disease or defect” defense is risky as the outcome is often confinement in a mental institution.

The role of your criminal defense attorney is to get you out of your criminal justice predicament, whether you committed the crime or not. Any of the defenses mentioned here, when presented by a skilled lawyer, can help you keep your freedom.

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