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Author: Steve Eisenberg

6 Facts About Wisconsin Personal Injury Law | Eisenberg Law

Personal Injury Law: 6 Fast Facts From a Wisconsin Attorney Personal injury law centers around negligent or reckless behavior and the injuries that result from those behaviors. Unfortunately, cases are not as straightforward as many Wisconsin residents expect. Simply being injured is not enough to make a personal injury claim. To successfully settle a personal injury claim, the element of negligence must be proven and there must be a proven connection between the negligent action and the resulting...

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Wisconsin Car Crash Statute of Limitations Is Three Years

How Late Is Too Late To File A Car Crash Claim In Wisconsin? There are many matters to take care of after a car crash: doctor visits, car repairs, scheduling time off from work and the list goes on. The very last thing on your mind may be filing a car accident claim. However, due to the statute of limitations in Wisconsin, you need to consider filing a claim sooner rather than later. A Three-Year Statute of Limitations Wisconsin has a three-year statute of limitations for car crash claims,...

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Q And A With A Wisconsin Car Accident Lawyer

Questions And Answers From a Car Accident Lawyer Hiring a Wisconsin car accident lawyer can be a daunting thought, but it is a smart move that will only help you. If you have been involved in a car accident and suffered injuries of any kind, an attorney can make sure you are treated fairly, that your claim is handled in a timely manner, and that you receive the full claim amount to which you are entitled. The most important service an accident attorney provides is to deliver peace of mind....

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3 Questions To Ask Your Wisconsin Personal Injury Lawyer

3 Tips For Choosing a Wisconsin Personal Injury Lawyer Hiring a Wisconsin personal injury lawyer to help you win a claim or settlement is the best way to ensure you receive the full amount you are due. But how do you choose an injury lawyer? Referrals from friends and family are usually the first place most people start, but this might not be the best approach. Why? Because every personal injury case is unique. There are unique circumstances in each case along with unique personalities...

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Car Accident Damages | Wisconsin Accident Attorneys

Maximizing the Damages Collected After a Car Accident in Wisconsin Wisconsin law allows victims of a car accident to collect compensation, called damages, from the responsible party via a personal injury claim. Our auto accident attorneys represent victims who are trying to rebuild their lives after an accident. We help our clients determine the appropriate claim amount by examining the economic losses that they have suffered as well as the non-economic losses. Economic losses or expenses...

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