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3 Questions To Ask Your Wisconsin Personal Injury Lawyer

3 Tips For Choosing a Wisconsin Personal Injury Lawyer

Hiring a Wisconsin personal injury lawyer to help you win a claim or settlement is the best way to ensure you receive the full amount you are due. But how do you choose an injury lawyer? Referrals from friends and family are usually the first place most people start, but this might not be the best approach.

Why? Because every personal injury case is unique. There are unique circumstances in each case along with unique personalities involved. That means that what worked for your friend or family member, may not work in your case. Not only that, many personal injury attorneys specialize in certain types of cases such as car accidents or slips and falls. You may not want a slip-and-fall attorney representing you in a product defect case, for example.

Other considerations are the attorney’s approach to the case or their strategy, their rates and fees, and above all how comfortable you feel with the attorney. All of these factors combined can make it overwhelming to find the right Wisconsin personal injury lawyer.

Asking questions during your initial consultations with different attorneys will help you narrow down the field and ultimately choose the right attorney for your needs. Below are three questions to get you started.

Three Questions to Ask Your Wisconsin Personal Injury Lawyer

  1. What is your experience with cases similar to mine? Attorneys who have a lot of experience with or specialize in cases similar to yours improve your chances of securing a favorable outcome. They are more knowledgeable about that specific area of law and how to best manage those types of cases. 
  • What is your current caseload? Ask this question to make sure the attorney actually has time for your case. Ask who else will be working on your case and what their roles will be to get an idea of whether or not the attorney will be giving your case the attention it needs.
  • What are my chances of winning my case? During your consultation, the attorney will have a chance to look over the evidence and facts of your case. They should be able to tell you if you have a case worth pursuing and whether or not you are likely to win. Learn more about how case settlements are valued in our post, “How is the Value of a Personal Injury Case Determined?”

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