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Author: Steve Eisenberg

Eisenberg Law Personal Injury Cases | Madison, WI Law Firm

The Types of Personal Injury Cases Handled by Our Madison, WI Law Firm Our Madison, WI injury attorneys handle a wide variety of personal injury cases. These cases range from the commonplace, like auto accidents and slip and fall cases, to the less common animal bite injuries, to the extraordinarily serious wrongful death cases. The personal injury attorneys at Eisenberg Law Offices understand that the injuries suffered in these kinds of cases can cause physical and emotional strain. Our...

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Dog Bite Injuries and Wisconsin Statute of Limitations

Dog Bite in Wisconsin? Report it Before the Statute of Limitations Runs Out A dog bite qualifies under personal injury law in Wisconsin. That means you can file a lawsuit against the dog owner to obtain compensation for your injury. One important fact to keep in mind: the statute of limitations. You have a limited period of time in which to file the lawsuit or you will miss your chance to file a suit and collect damages. The Statute of Limitations in Dog Bite Injury Cases Wisconsin has...

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Eisenberg Law | Madison Wisconsin Car Accident Lawyer

5 Ways a Car Accident Lawyer Can Help You After an Accident A car accident lawyer is your advocate and guide from the initial claim filing to whatever path your claim takes – a settlement or a court case. Our Madison, Wisconsin car accident attorneys make certain that accident victims’ rights are protected and that every avenue is exhausted before a claim is settled to ensure fair and adequate compensation for injuries and expenses. Below, are 5 ways auto accident attorneys can accident victims. Five...

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How Long To Settle A Personal Injury Case In Wisconsin

Ask a Wisconsin Injury Attorney: How Long To Settle A Personal Injury Case? If you have been injured and are pursuing a personal injury case in Wisconsin, one of the top questions in your mind is likely “How long to settle a personal injury case?” This is a valid concern. You are probably eager to move forward with your life and put the accident behind you, want to know when you will receive your settlement amount, and how much the final amount will be. The Wisconsin personal injury...

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Wisconsin Personal Injury Lawyer Q&A | Eisenberg Law Offices

5 Questions and Answers About Hiring a Personal Injury Lawyer in Wisconsin In Wisconsin, a personal injury lawyer is consulted after there has been an accident and injuries have occurred. The victim of the accident may wonder if negligence was a factor in their accident and consult an injury attorney for advice and guidance. This is a reasonable question to ask since not all accidents qualify as a personal injury case. Below, we take a look at five common questions about personal injury law...

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