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How Long To Settle A Personal Injury Case In Wisconsin

Ask a Wisconsin Injury Attorney: How Long To Settle A Personal Injury Case?

If you have been injured and are pursuing a personal injury case in Wisconsin, one of the top questions in your mind is likely “How long to settle a personal injury case?”

This is a valid concern. You are probably eager to move forward with your life and put the accident behind you, want to know when you will receive your settlement amount, and how much the final amount will be.

The Wisconsin personal injury attorneys at Eisenberg Law Offices receive this question frequently. Unfortunately, there is no easy answer. Personal injury cases are influenced by the type of case, the circumstances surrounding the event, the severity of the injuries, and even the specific insurance company involved in the case.

The 4 Main Factors That Affect Personal Injury Case Settlement Timelines

  1. Accident Type. Personal injury cases arise from many different types of accidents. A simple car accident or slip-and-fall case may be resolved much more quickly than a defective product case or a medical malpractice case, for example.
  2. Injury Severity. As a general rule, less severe injuries result in quicker settlements. This is because the case is not as complex as those in which the victim suffered more severe or even life-changing injuries. One reason for this is the amount of time and care that must be put into obtaining an accurate valuation to ensure you receive a compensation amount that is adequate for your past, current, and future needs.  A permanent injury usually takes at least one year to establish.
  3. Who is Liable. If multiple parties bear some fault for the accident that led to the injuries, the case automatically becomes more complex. Now, instead of just two people or insurers negotiating the settlement, there are three or more. For every additional liable party, you can expect the timeline for a resolution to increase.
  4. Insurance Settlements. If an insurance company is representing the liable party, you may receive a settlement offer long before you ever need to go to court. In fact, they do this specifically to avoid going to court. Many victims are tempted to take the early offer just to put an end to the case. If you do this, the case will be wrapped up sooner, but you may not receive the amount you need from the settlement to fully cover your losses.

How Long To Settle A Personal Injury Case? Consult Wisconsin’s Eisenberg Law Offices

If you are wondering how long to settle a personal injury case, contact the attorneys at Eisenberg Law Offices for advice. We can provide you with a free case consultation that will help you understand the complexities of your case, analyze any settlement offer you have received, and provide guidance on how long it may take to settle your case.

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