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domestic abuse charges and no contact orders

3 Surprising Facts Most People Do Not Know about Domestic Violence Charges

In Wisconsin, Domestic Violence Charges can encompass more than you think

Domestic violence charges bring serious consequences in Wisconsin, including a 72-hour no contact order, loss of access to firearms, and significant penalties. It also puts a mark on your criminal record that can be impossible to fully overcome. But while most people understand the importance of the issue, common misconceptions make it seem less likely to happen to you. Below are three facts that you may not realize about domestic violence that your Wisconsin criminal defense attorney can discuss with you.

  1. It Can Happen to Anyone: Domestic violence incidents and arrests can happen in any home. Either a man or a woman can be charged. If you threaten or attack someone, or if you are attacked or threatened, domestic violence charges may follow.
  2. It Isn’t Just Physical Violence: Domestic violence sounds like it requires a physical attack, but in reality it does not have to include a single punch. Verbal or emotional abuse also counts as domestic violence. A threat of harm or shouted attacks can lead to charges. If you make someone feel afraid, or if someone else makes you feel afraid, that is an incident of domestic abuse.
  3. It Doesn’t Have to Be a Romantic Relationship: Many people see domestic violence as specifically an issue in romantic relationships. These may be the circumstances you hear about most often, but Wisconsin law does not limit domestic violence charges to a spouse or lover. It can include anyone with whom you live or have lived in the past, a relative, and anyone else with a past or present relationship with you. Even platonic roommates can be involved in domestic violence charges under the statute.

Domestic violence charges in Wisconsin are taken very seriously, and can subject you to significant penalties. If you are arrested for domestic violence, you have to treat it with the same importance the state does. Contact an experienced attorney to help you protect your reputation and your freedom.