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5 Things to Know When Choosing a Felony Attorney in Wisconsin

When faced with felony charges in Wisconsin, know what makes a good felony attorney

Felonies are serious, and when you go to choose a felony attorney to represent you in court, you must choose wisely. Interviewing the attorney is recommended so that you find someone with whom you get along professionally. Choosing the wrong attorney, even if the attorney seems skilled at first, potentially affects your chances of a successful court outcome.

What Experience Does the Attorney Have in the County Where You’ll Be in Court?

Do not assume that any Wisconsin attorney will do. You need an attorney who practices in the county in which you’ll go to court. That attorney will be more familiar with that county’s court system and may know more about how individual judges react.

How Responsive Is the Attorney to Your Questions and Fears?

Does the attorney brush off fears you have? Does he or she interrupt you all the time? Or does the attorney listen to you and explain why he or she does not think there will be a problem? This is a scary situation for you, and you need someone who will take your fears seriously.

How Does the Attorney Think Your Case Will Play Out?

How optimistic, realistic, or pessimistic is the attorney, and why? If you feel the attorney has already convicted you mentally — or if you think the attorney is suspiciously optimistic and offering nice-sounding predictions that he or she can’t back up with laws or precedents — you may want to check out other attorneys.

What Has Been a Typical Outcome in Felony Cases for This Attorney?

You need to know the attorney’s track record for felony cases. A long list of losses is an obvious sign to switch to someone else.

How Much Does the Attorney Rely on Plea Bargains?

If you are not guilty but the case still looks tough, how much will the attorney be willing to fight for your acquittal versus telling you to settle for a plea bargain to avoid a trial?

If you need a felony attorney in Madison, contact Eisenberg Law Offices immediately. You need skilled representation and should not wait to find someone who can help you.]]>