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domestic abuse charges and no contact orders

Arrested on Suspicion of Domestic Battery in Wisconsin? Here's What to Do Next

What should you do if you’re charged with Domestic Battery in Wisconsin?

In Wisconsin, domestic battery includes any intentional infliction of physical harm on a spouse, ex-spouse, parent, or anyone with whom you are living. And that harm can consist of any physical act, injury, sexual assault, or illness.

Wisconsin treats these allegations seriously. If you are arrested on suspicion of domestic battery, you need to proceed carefully from there. If you react rashly, you can find yourself in more trouble later than when you are first arrested.

Time of Arrest

Any time you are arrested for a crime, you have the right to an attorney before you answer questions from the police. You should of course cooperate without resisting, but you should never make a statement without an attorney there to represent you. This is particularly true when you may be feeling emotional and defensive. To protect your rights, give yourself a chance to breathe, and get a lawyer who can help you.

72-Hour No Contact Order

After you are arrested, a 72-hour no contact order may be imposed. This is intended to both protect the person accusing you and to give you both time for tensions to cool. But no contact means no contact; beyond not seeing him or her, you cannot call, email, or text. Any kind of reaching out will subject you to potential fines and jail time, even apart from the allegations of abuse itself.

Prepare Your Evidence

Anything that shows what may have led to your dispute, or shows where you were and what you were doing, can serve as evidence for your trial. Find and save any receipts, social media posts, text messages, or any other information that sheds light on you and your relationship with the person against whom you are accused of committing domestic battery. The more you can provide, the more effectively your attorney can help you.

When you are arrested on suspicion of domestic battery, you need experienced counsel in your corner. The attorneys at Eisenberg Law Offices can help you protect your rights.