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Author: Mark Eisenberg

Plea Bargain FAQs | Wisconsin Plea Deals

9 FAQs Answered About Wisconsin Plea Bargains Anyone who watches legal shows on television has heard the term plea bargain. These “deals” are used widely in fictional entertainment settings, but they are real, legal strategies that are used throughout Wisconsin to close cases. Below, we answer nine common questions about plea deals. What are plea bargains? Plea bargains, also referred to as plea deals or plea agreements, are contracts between criminal defendants and local prosecutors. In...

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Implied Consent in Wisconsin | Wisconsin OWI Laws

Have a Wisconsin Driver’s License? You’ve Given Implied Consent to Chemical Testing for OWI If you are charged with OWI in Wisconsin, you will be required to undergo chemical testing to check your BAC level through a blood test, a breathalyzer breath test, or a urinalysis. When we say required, we mean required. Chemical testing for intoxication is required for an OWI arrest in the state and you must comply with it. Anyone who holds a Wisconsin driver’s license has provided “implied consent”...

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Second Offense OWI Wisconsin Penalties

Penalties for Second Offense OWI in Wisconsin A second offense OWI is a serious crime with significantly more severe penalties than first offense OWIs. A first offense is considered a civil offense, but a second OWI is a criminal offense in the state of Wisconsin, no matter what the circumstances. Wisconsin recognizes that if a driver has no prior OWIs within 10 years or a Great Bodily Harm or Homicide by Intoxicated Use offense and commits a second OWI, they will be penalized as if they...

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Lewd Conduct Charge | Wisconsin Lewd Conduct

Summer Sees an Uptick in Lewd Conduct Charges in Wisconsin Summer is that time of year when people are more carefree, socializing out in public, and eager to kick back with a drink or two. It is also the time of year we see an increase in lewd conduct charges in Wisconsin. Lewd and lascivious behavior is considered obscene behavior, is not protected by the Constitution, and is a crime in this state. Wisconsin defines lewd and lascivious behavior as: “an indecent act of sexual gratification...

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Wisconsin Probation Rules | Probation in Wisconsin

Wisconsin Probation Rules to Know Probation is a sentencing option that allows defendants to fulfill their sentence outside of prison or jail. Wisconsin probation rules require community-based supervision. Specific requirements for probation are set by the judge in the case. Judges impose several conditions or requirements when they allow offenders to receive probation in lieu of imprisonment. These conditions are set to ensure the offender does not pose a threat to the community or commit...

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