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Avoiding Jail Time on Criminal Charges

An experienced criminal defense attorney can help reduce or eliminate your jail sentence

After you are charged with a crime, one of your first questions is whether you will have to serve time in jail. Ideally, the lawyer will help clear you of charges against you. When that isn’t possible, you still may have ways to avoid jail time. Experienced criminal defense counsel can give you the best chance to avoid time behind bars.

Defending the Charges

If you are innocent, your first consideration should be defending against the criminal charges brought against you. A strong defense that demonstrates problems with the evidence against you can help protect your criminal record and keep you out of jail. Be prepared to talk honestly with your lawyer about everything that led up to your arrest. This is the best way for him or her to help you.

How Plea Bargaining Works

When the state charges you, it often has many options. You may be charged with a felony or a misdemeanor, with different degrees available to the prosecutor. If you have committed a crime, or if you will have trouble showing your innocence, the prosecutor may be willing to let you plead guilty to a lesser crime. This saves court time and resources, and can give you a chance to lessen your jail time, or even avoid it altogether.

Mitigation in Your Case

Finally, if you are found guilty, whether at trial or through a guilty plea, your lawyer can still help you reduce your jail time. The crime usually represents one part of one day in your life. Your attorney will look to introduce evidence of your character and the good things you have done. This can include information about your employment, your family, or your community activities. By providing this information, you can help the court find reason to issue a shorter sentence, or even choose to not give you jail time.

All of this requires excellent legal representation. If you have been charged and want to learn more about your rights, contact Eisenberg Law Offices, at 608-256-8356 or online at We will help you protect your legal rights.