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Criminal Defense Lawyer Madison WI

Criminal Defense Attorney – Madison WI Fights Sex Charges

Get Help From A Criminal Defense Attorney In Madison, WI To Fight Sexual Assault Charges

Sex crimes are some of the most harshly punished crimes in Wisconsin with consequences affecting lives for a very long time. Large fines, prison, and mandatory registration as a sex offender are all commonly applied in sexual assault cases.

If you have been accused of a sex crime in Wisconsin, you must seek the advice of an experienced Eisenberg Law criminal defense attorney in Madison, WI. Our attorneys will ensure that you fully understand the charges facing you, explain your rights and responsibilities, and suggest defense options.

Sexual Assault Is A Felony In Wisconsin

Sexual assault is usually a felony in Wisconsin. This is true whether the assault took place between people who knew one another, between strangers, or even between spouses. There are several degrees of sexual assault.

First-Degree Sexual Assault Is Considered A Class B Felony.

This type of assault includes sexual contact or intercourse without consent that causes pregnancy or great bodily harm. Crimes that are committed through threats of violence or the use of a dangerous weapon also fall into this category. Class B felonies are punishable by up to 60 years in prison.

Second Degree Sexual Assault Is A Class C Felony.

This type of assault includes nonconsensual sexual contact or intercourse with use or threat of force.  It also encompasses sexual contact with those who are incapable of giving consent. Class C felonies are punishable by up to 40 years in prison.

Defending Against Sexual Assault Charges

Whether or not there was consent between the parties is the biggest factor in determining sexual assault charges, fines, and penalties. Your criminal defense attorney in Madison, WI may spend a great deal of time and effort establishing what constitutes consent and how it impacts your case.

Contact an Eisenberg Law Offices Criminal Defense Attorney in Madison, WI For Representation

The first step after being accused of sexual assault is to contact a criminal defense attorney. The consequences are too severe and long lasting to leave your defense to chance. An experienced criminal defense attorney can help make sure you are well-positioned to defend yourself against the charges by evaluating your case, offering honest advice, recommending a strategy, and shepherding you through the legal process. A defense attorney is your best chance at securing a favorable result.

Contact an Eisenberg Law Offices sexual assault attorney in Madison, WI by calling 608-256-8356 or request a consultation online to learn more about our sexual assault representation.