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Criminal Lawyer Madison defines Drug Transportation

Criminal Lawyer Madison WI answers the question: What is drug transportation?

Getting involved with drugs is never a good idea to begin with, and getting involved to the point where you’re delivering them is even worse. Any distribution of a drug can get you charged with possession with intent or delivery of a drug. A criminal lawyer in Madison can help you if you are charged with delivery or possession with intent to deliver a controlled substance.

Distribution and Trafficking

Distribution of drugs is what it sounds like: selling drugs you know are illegal. While some might say you could claim the drugs were yours (thus reducing the charges to mere possession), if the police think otherwise, you could face delivery charges.

Penalties vary. It’s difficult to predict exactly what you’d face in court as a penalty should you be convicted because the type of drug, the amount, and the circumstances in which it was found — not to mention the general attitudes of the particular police and judge you deal with — can all influence the outcome of your case.

Professional Help

Attitudes toward drugs may be changing in the country, but that does not mean you’ll be able to mount a self-defense based on popular opinion. You need to have a good criminal lawyer helping you navigate the courts. If you are in need of a good criminal lawyer, Madison residents can contact Eisenberg Law Office to arrange for a consultation.