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Customer Lobby Widget to copy

StatisticsReview of Eisenberg Law Offices


The customer lobby widget is shown in 3 places on ELO site and needs to be updated to reflect the current number of reviews.

Steps to update:

  1. Determine if number of reviews has changed since prior month. Current at 87 as of 2019/01/01 update.
  2. If # of reviews has changed:
    1. Go to Draft page in Genesis ( ) and preview page
    2. Create jpg with snipping tool and save to ELO Photo dropbox folder
    3. Open file in MS Office 2010 and crop/resize to roughly 293×417
    4. Save file and upload to Media Library
    5. Update the 3 text widgets (bottom-c; main-top; sidebar-b) to change the file name to most current file name
    6. Refresh website and confirm that updated widget appears.