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arrest warrant

Dealing With An Arrest Warrant in Wisconsin

If you are facing an Arrest Warrant in Wisconsin, get experienced help!

Sometimes you can find yourself in legal trouble without even knowing it. If you have an outstanding arrest warrant, you may not know about it until the police have picked you up. Before you know it, you are facing questioning and sometimes charged with a crime. If you find yourself dealing with an arrest warrant in Wisconsin, you need an experienced defense lawyer right away.

What Is an Arrest Warrant?

In Wisconsin, a judge can issue an arrest warrant for you after a police investigation into a crime. Once the police establish probable cause, they request the arrest warrant, a formal order for your arrest. At this point, they gain the ability to pick you up at any time. You could be at work or at home, day or night. You may not know you were under investigation, or that anyone even committed a crime.

If You Know a Warrant Exists

If you know of an arrest warrant issued against you, don’t wait for the sheriff to come to you. Seek out an experienced criminal defense attorney right away. He or she can help you look into the evidence against you, contact the authorities on your behalf, and help you understand your legal rights. 

After Your Arrest

Unfortunately, you often don’t know about the warrant until the police arrive. By the time they pick you up, they have developed enough evidence to show probable cause for arresting you. If the police pick you up, cooperate, but don’t tell them anything. If they try to question you, request an attorney; you have the right not to answer questions until you have a lawyer present, even if they tell you that you are not yet under arrest.

If you are facing an arrest warrant in Wisconsin, don’t wait; contact Eisenberg Law Offices online or at (608)256-8356. Our experienced criminal defense team will get to work right away to protect your rights.