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Domestic Abuse Charges | Wisconsin Domestic Abuse Attorney

Domestic Abuse Charges In Wisconsin Have Lingering Effects

Domestic abuse charges in Wisconsin may result from a variety of factors and situations from physical assaults and altercations to even the threat of such actions being taken. Such allegations are taken seriously and offenders are harshly penalized. Even if the allegations turn out to be false or unproven, allegations and the investigative process can have lingering effects on the accused.

A domestic abuse attorney will tell you that domestic abuse charges can have long-lasting effects on your finances, reputation, and even your freedom. Below is a look at how each of these areas is affected by allegations of domestic abuse.

Financial Impact

If you are accused of domestic abuse, you will feel it in your pocketbook. To begin with, you can expect to face fines and fees from the arresting jurisdiction such as bail money and battery or disorderly conduct charges and corresponding penalties. These penalties can reach as high as $10,000 if you are convicted!  If a restraining order is issued and you live with the accuser, you may have to find a new place to live, which will impact your living expenses and may have an impact on your commuting costs too.

Reputational Impact

Being accused of domestic abuse in Wisconsin will guarantee an investigation into your life. Even if the allegations are ultimately proven to be false, the damage may be done. Our domestic abuse attorneys see reputations ruined and lives upended every year. You may lose your job and your housing as a result of the charges and can find it difficult to find a new job or place to live. 


There is a strong chance of going to jail if you are convicted of domestic abuse in Wisconsin. Once you are released, you will have a conviction on your record, which can limit your opportunities after time has been served.

Don’t Risk Your Life. Hire A Domestic Abuse Attorney To Fight Charges

The stakes are too high to leave to chance when facing domestic abuse charges. Even if you know you are innocent, you will face a trying time, many challenges along the way, and, if you go to trial, there is no guarantee of a not guilty verdict. Hiring a domestic abuse attorney is the best way to safeguard your present and future. These specialists are skilled in domestic situations and criminal defense making them better able to provide you with the defense you’ll need to save your name and your future.

If you are facing domestic abuse charges, contact Eisenberg Law Offices in Madison, WI today to start building a strong defense. Call 608-256-8356 or email to schedule a free consultation.