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Domestic Abuse in Wisconsin: What You Need to Know

Wisconsin Law firm explains Domestic Abuse charges

Domestic abuse is a serious charge that brings significant consequences to you. If you are arrested, you face immediate and long-lasting damage to your reputation, as well as fines and jail time.  Wisconsin law firm Eisenberg Law can help you understand the domestic abuse charges and consequences and provide the legal representation you need to respond to the charges.

Defining Domestic Abuse

In Wisconsin, domestic abuse comes when you intentionally inflict physical harm on someone, or cause that person fear that you will cause bodily harm to them. In other words, you do not have to actually attack someone to be charged with domestic abuse. The key is that you did something to either harm the person or make that person believe he or she was in danger. If someone claims either of these, you are subject to charges that can greatly harm your reputation and affect your life.

No Contact and Restraining Orders

As soon as you are arrested for domestic abuse in Wisconsin, you will be issued a no contact order, which prevents you from going near the victim for 72 hours. The court may also issue a temporary or permanent restraining order, which defines how far you must remain from the person and the time period to do so. If you violate the terms of any of these, you face fines up to $10,000, as well as jail time up to nine months.

Other Concerns

Beyond these penalties, a conviction of domestic abuse can bring additional jail time and fines, depending on the damage inflicted. Further, you stand to lose much more; the damage to your reputation–in the community and the workplace–is immeasurable. A conviction for domestic abuse also bars you from possessing firearms under federal law. If you have been arrested for domestic abuse, you should immediately seek experienced criminal defense counsel so you can protect your rights.