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Criminal Defense Lawyer Madison WI

Drug Charges – Addiction | Treatment | Sentencing

Madison WI Lawyers can help fight Drug Charges –

If you are facing criminal charges stemming from drug possession or a crime committed due to a drug addiction, treatment for your addiction may become an important part of your defense. While it will not solve everything for you, seeking treatment may have a positive effect on your sentencing. If you need a criminal attorney, Madison WI lawyers can help you fight drug charges and seek treatment.

Not a Replacement

Unfortunately, drug addiction treatment is not a replacement for other punishments in most drug cases. Even if the judge and other parties involved all agree that treatment would be beneficial and acceptable, you’re likely to still face anything from fines to incarceration, depending on the severity of the case. It might be possible to get a lighter sentence if you agree to seek treatment. However, that is not guaranteed.

Seeking Treatment Before or After Sentencing

It could look better for you if you are already undergoing treatment for your addiction before your court date. Your attorney might be able to negotiate a settlement more easily or get the judge to reduce additional punishment because you’ve shown you’re serious about breaking your addiction. But this should never be taken as a given; the court could still decide to apply harsher punishments.

If you have not been able to seek treatment before the court date, you can certainly request that treatment be a part of your sentence. Most courts are open to helping an addict recover, rather than leaving him or her stuck in an addiction. Drug court is one alternative.

If you are facing drug charges, a criminal attorney in Madison WI is someone you need to seek out as soon as possible. Contact Eisenberg Law Offices immediately to start work on your case.