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marijuana possession in WI

Drug Charges Defense | Marijuana Possession Defense In WI

Yes, It Is Possible To Fight Marijuana Possession Charges In Wisconsin

Facing drug charges is a scary time, whether it is you or your child who is charged. As the legalization of marijuana movement grows across the country, more and more people in Wisconsin are finding themselves facing charges of marijuana possession and in need of help defending themselves against drug charges.

What many fail to realize is that it is possible to successful defend yourself against drug charges with help from an experienced drug defense attorney.

Take this situation for example:

  • Law enforcement officers respond to complaints of excess traffic coming and going from a certain apartment complex. Cars arrive, drivers exit their vehicles, enter the building for a very short amount of time and then leave.
  • In response to this unusual activity, police began surveillance on the property and end up stopping an individual because they suspect the individual visited to procure drugs. The individual exhibits the actions mentioned in the original complaint: stopped at the building, went in, came out again very shortly thereafter, and drove away. It was at this point that the individual was stopped by police.
  • When questioned during the stop, the individual admitted to purchasing marijuana for personal use and then handed 2 ounces of marijuana over to the officers.
  • The individual was charged with marijuana possession and was taken into custody.

Shortly after being taken in, the individual was able to obtain legal counsel. At the core of the attorney’s defense was whether or not the arresting officer’s observations were sufficient to establish a reasonable suspicion to legally stop the vehicle. The attorney argued that the basis for stopping the vehicle was based solely on the defendant’s entry into the apartment building and subsequent exit.

There arose a question about the legality of the seizure and the charges were eventually dismissed.

What this case illustrates is that even if an individual has marijuana or another illegal substance in his/her possession, how the police come to discover that fact and/or obtain possession of the substance matters. Individuals always have a right to privacy and protection from police harassment. If your protected rights are violated in any way, a skilled defense attorney can assist in the charges being dismissed.

Count On Eisenberg Law For Help Fighting Drug Charges In Wisconsin

It’s important to remember that just because marijuana consumption and possession is legal in other states, it does not make it legal in Wisconsin. In our state, it is still illegal to possess marijuana for recreational purposes and even those who use it for a medical condition must comply with very stringent requirements as set by the state legislature.

Even so, that reminder doesn’t do you much good if you’ve already been charged. The drug defense attorneys at Eisenberg Law Offices want you to know that there is hope. It is possible to fight marijuana charges.

If you have been charged with a drug or marijuana related crime, contact our team at 608-256-8356 or email for advice and representation.