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armed robbery wisconsin

Facing Armed Robbery Charges in Wisconsin

Armed Robbery in Wisconsin is a Serious Charge – get the help you need to defend your case

Wisconsin, like every state, pays special attention to prosecuting and punishing violent crimes. Armed robbery is an example; by its very nature, it includes at least the threat of violence while carrying out the crime. If you are charged with armed robbery in Wisconsin, you need to know what it means, and then get a good criminal defense attorney to defend you.

Defining Armed Robbery

Armed robbery in Wisconsin consists of forcibly stealing property from its owner while using or threatening to use a dangerous weapon. This can be a gun, but other weapons serve as well. A baseball bat, a knife, a shovel, or anything else you brandish to threaten someone could be considered a dangerous weapon. Further, the weapon does not have to be real; if you have a toy gun that looks real, that is enough to threaten someone and create an armed robbery charge.

Penalties on Conviction

Armed robbery is a Class C felony in Wisconsin. If you are convicted, you will face penalties up to 40 years in prison and a $100,000 fine. Beyond this, you will also lose the right to own or carry a firearm, and you may have to pay restitution to the robbery victim. Your reputation and your life will take a heavy impact.

Defending Armed Robbery Charges

If you are arrested and charged with armed robbery, these penalties are not a foregone conclusion. You have defenses available; the prosecution must prove your intent, ownership of the property, and your threat to use a deadly weapon. An experienced defense lawyer will take the time to understand the details and facts of your case rather than make broad assumption, and demonstrate any mitigating circumstances that can affect your case if you are convicted.

If you have been charged with armed robbery, you can’t leave your defense to chance. Contact Eisenberg Law Offices online or at (608)256-8356 to learn how we can help protect your rights.