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4 Questions For Car Accident Attorneys | Eisenberg Law

4 Questions To Ask Car Accident Attorneys Before Retaining Them

If you’ve been in a serious car accident, one of the first things you might do is speak with car accident attorneys. This is an important step, since hiring the right attorney can make all the difference in winning or losing your case. Many people start with referrals or online reviews, but don’t let that be the only way you make a decision. Ideally, you will want to meet with the attorney first before hiring him or her. When you do, be sure to ask these 4 questions.

4 Questions That Can Help You Retain The Right Car Accident Attorneys

  1. What kind of experience do you have with cases like mine? Attorneys have lots of different kinds of experience. Experience includes not just the amount of time the attorney has been practicing but also, and more importantly, the number of cases like yours that he/she has handled. A family law attorney who’s been in business for 20 years won’t be much help in an automobile personal injury case. They just don’t have the right experience. So, even if your best friend swears up and down they know the perfect lawyer for you, if that lawyer doesn’t have experience handling auto accident cases, you could be setting yourself up for failure. Say thanks but no thanks and keep looking for a lawyer who has the kind of experience you need; the closer their experience aligns with the specifics of your case, the better.
  2. What are your fees? This is a legitimate question and one you should not hesitate to ask. You should know what hiring this attorney is going to cost you and how and when they expect to be paid. Attorneys have different fee structures and they can vary widely from one practice to another, even in the same city. Most personal injury lawyers will work on a contingency basis; they only get paid if you win your case and that payment will be a set percentage of your total award. Others will provide you with a set fee or hourly rate charges. Take advantage of free consultations to meet with different attorneys and learn about their different fee structures. Never agree to representation unless you very clearly understand the fee structure.
  3. What are your impressions of my case? There’s no way for an attorney to predict the outcome of your case (and they cannot guarantee an outcome) but it doesn’t hurt to ask about their initial impression of your case. Qualified lawyers will be able to draw on their past experience with cases similar to yours to be able to discuss the strengths and weaknesses of your case. They’ll also be able to tell you what to expect as far as legal proceedings and the time commitment involved in seeing a case through.
  4. What is your communication style? You want to hire an attorney who is responsive to you. It also helps if they communicate in a style that is comfortable for you. Find out how he/she communicates with clients, how frequent the interactions are, and their communication preferences (email, phone, face to face, etc.). Make sure they either align with your expectations or you feel comfortable adjusting your expectations to their style. The biggest factor is making sure you feel confident that they will keep you apprised of what is going on with your case and get back to you in a timely manner.

Don’t Forget To Question Yourself

The point of all of these questions is so you can answer the internal question, “How comfortable and confident am I with this attorney and his/her ability to handle my case?” This is the most important question because you want to hire an attorney you can trust and whom you feel will best represent you. You must be comfortable with them professionally and personally for the best success.

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