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Accident Attorneys Fight For Compensation

How Much Can A Passenger Recover After A Car Accident?

An automobile collision can create a wide range of expenses. However, if you were not the cause of the accident, you have rights. The best way to protect yourself and ensure that you get the compensation you deserve is to partner with reputable car accident attorneys in Madison WI.  No matter how minor or major the collision, your lawyer will help you recover what you are entitled to after a car accident.

Types Of Expenses To Consider After Your Collision

Accident attorneys will work with you to put your case together and determine the compensatory value on your loss and injuries. Your accident attorneys will consider:

Medical Expenses

If you weren’t at fault for your accident, you may be entitled to medical expense reimbursement. This goes beyond treatment you’ve already paid for; you will also want to consider future medical bills you may incur due to the collision. A physician can offer a professional opinion on what future treatment may be necessary.

Income Loss

Many car accident victims find that they have lost income throughout the healing process. Like your medical expenses, income loss is both a cumulative and future denomination. Accident lawyers tally what you’ve already lost, as well as set a value for what you will lose in the future due to the collision and the physical limitations you may be suffering from.

Pain And Suffering

Even minor collisions can result in long-term physical damages. Beyond your medical bills, chronic and/or reoccurring pain brought on by the incident brings with it a compensatory value. Pain and suffering can often be hard to prove; your lawyers will understand how to legally maximize what you recover in this category.

Emotional Distress

Many passengers in a car accident suffer from emotional distress after the event. It’s important to consider any psychological effects your collision has had on you. Do you find yourself struggling with ongoing anxiety? Insomnia? Fear? Do you have PTSD?  These factors can all be components of emotional distress and worthy of compensation in your case.

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A car accident can forever change your life. Don’t go through this traumatic time alone; contact Eisenberg Law Offices today. Our team of accident attorneys has extensive experience with collision victims. We can help you seek compensation for your injury, medical expenses, and physical/emotional consequences. Call us at 608-256-8356 for a free consultation.