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Avoiding Personal Injury In Boating Accidents

Summer Is Coming! Here’s How To Avoid Boating Accidents

After the long winter, many Wisconsinites are looking forward to taking the boat out of storage and getting out on the water – and we can’t blame them! Fishing, waterskiing, and recreational boating are a favorite pastime for Wisconsin residents and tourists alike, but boating does come with its own set of dangers.

From property damage to personal injuries to drowning, boating accidents can create life-altering changes in your life. To help prevent boating accidents and injuries, our Wisconsin accident attorneys have compiled this checklist of boating safety tips.

7 Tips To Help Prevent Boating Accidents

Keep these safety tips in mind as you head out to the waterways this summer.

  1. Watch The Weather. Mother Nature is fickle and can change on a dime in Wisconsin. Strong winds, lightning, and rain all pose a danger to boaters so be sure to check the weather before you get out on the water and frequently throughout the day to avoid unexpected dangers.
  2. Create A Boat Checklist. Just as you probably have a winter car kit, a boat kit will help you be prepared if the unexpected happens. Create a checklist to make sure the boat is always stocked with the equipment you need such as lifejackets, extra gasoline, a first aid kit, blankets, rain gear, and emergency flares.
  3. Tell People Where You’re Going. Always let at least one person know where you plan to be and for how long. Similar to how you might “call when I get there”, this step can help authorities find you faster if you are reported missing.
  4. Wear A Lifejacket. We cannot stress this enough! Wearing a lifejacket should be as second nature as wearing your seatbelt in the car. Even the most skilled swimmer can become injured or discombobulated if they somehow end up in the water. Lifejackets are the single best way to prevent drowning deaths or injuries from taking in too much water.
  5. Become A Strong Swimmer. Anyone who is going to be out on the water should have basic swimming skills, but the stronger a swimmer you are, the better. Local community centers and the YMCA offer swim classes for everyone from infants to adults. If you’re not confident about your swimming ability, sign up for a class or start practicing at the pool on your own.
  6. Skip The Alcohol. Alcohol isn’t only a danger on the roads, it’s equally as dangerous on the water and is one of the leading factors in boating injuries and deaths. It’s best for everyone on board to avoid alcohol, but at the very least, the captain should avoid drinking alcohol to ensure the safety and well-being of the passengers.
  7. Know The Boat. If you are renting a boat or borrowing it from a friend, take some time to get to know it. Learn how to operate it properly, where all safety gear is stored, and how to operate the radio if it has one. If you plan to take a boat out often, sign up for a boating course to become a qualified and competent captain.

Happy Boating From The Accident Attorneys At Eisenberg Law Offices

The accident attorneys at Eisenberg Law Offices are just as eager to enjoy Wisconsin’s lakes and rivers this summer as you are. Keep these tips in mind to enjoy safe and responsible boating all summer long!