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Car Accident Attorneys Help With Lawsuits And Settlements

After An Accident: File An Insurance Claim Or Pursue A Lawsuit With Help From Car Accident Attorneys?

If you’ve been involved in a car accident you might automatically assume it’s time to file an insurance claim. But that’s not always the best course of action. Sometimes a lawsuit and trial will get you a better settlement than accepting the insurance settlement.

Deciding whether or not to sue someone after being in a car accident is a big decision and one that isn’t entered into lightly. Consulting with the car accident attorneys at Eisenberg Law Offices in Madison is the best way to decide if suing the other driver for damages is the right course of action.

Arguments For Suing The Other Driver

The biggest reason drivers pursue lawsuits against the other driver is because they hope to obtain a higher settlement in court than what they could obtain by dealing directly with the insurance provider. Simply going through the typical insurance claim process might not result in enough compensation to cover all of your expenses, like medical bills, lost wages, pain and suffering.

It’s also possible that settling with the insurance company too early in the recovery process will result in inadequate compensation for your needs. Insurance companies are businesses and business try to protect their bottom lines, often by settling early and for lower amounts than are reasonable.

In either of these cases, it might be in your best interests to take the other driver to court to attempt a more favorable settlement. Car accident attorneys are wonderful resources in these types of situations. They will look at the evidence, your injuries and damages, any medical bills you’ve incurred, and any lost wages or change in lifestyle that has occurred as a result of the accident. Armed with all of this information, a seasoned attorney can advise you on your best course of action: sue or file a claim.

2 Actions To Take, No Matter What

Whether you ultimately end up suing the other driver or not, you should still document everything and speak with a car accident attorney.

Insurance companies and car accident attorneys will want as much evidence as they can get in order to move forward and make decisions on your situation. Make sure you take pictures of the scene of the accident and the resulting damage, keep copies of all related bills and expenses like property damage and medical bills, and keep a running tab of any wages you’re missing out on by being laid up with an injury.

All of this information can be used as evidence to bolster your case and increase your settlement offer. It also provides you with some hard numbers so you can see just how much damage you’ve sustained and how much money you should receive.

Speaking with car accident attorneys is a good idea whether you pursue the matter in court or through an insurance claim. When a lawyer represents you, you have an expert on the law explaining the facts and advocating for you. They know what to say and how to say it, which can give you more leverage during negotiations and improve your chances of obtaining a more satisfactory settlement.

Deciding To Sue

So, do you sue or not? Start your decision-making by considering the total economic cost of the accident to you. You should be able to determine this based on the evidence you’ve collected and your attorney’s insights. You want to recover at least this amount of money. If the insurance settlement offer is less than your total economic cost, you have a big incentive to take the other driver to court.

Car accident attorneys specialize in these types of disputes and have a clear idea of how much you could obtain by going to court. You can compare that to the settlement being offered by the insurance company and decide which route is the best course of action for you.

Eisenberg Law Offices – Car Accident Attorneys Are Here For You

The car accident attorneys at Madison’s Eisenberg Law Offices are experienced attorneys who will fight hard to secure you adequate compensation for your total losses – both economic and non-economic.

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