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Drug Charges And Positive Test Results | WI Criminal Defense

It Is Possible To Challenge Drug Charges And Positive Test Results

It is easy to lose hope when facing drug charges based on positive test results, but a favorable outcome is possible with help from a skilled criminal defense attorney. The key lies in having patience, persistence, and the legal know-how to present your best case.

Legal Advice Is Critical To A Successful Outcome

Drug charges in Wisconsin can range from misdemeanors to felonies, but even in seemingly impossible situations, it is possible to find hope for a successful outcome. An experienced defense attorney will be able to provide many benefits to your case including:

  • Advice
  • Analysis
  • Legal Expertise
  • Access to Expert Witnesses
  • Evidence Collection
  • Negotiation Skills

Defending Against Positive Test Results

Some of the most damaging evidence in DUIs, OWIs, or when facing drug charges are positive drug test results. Law enforcement officers may conduct DUI testing on the spot. Home or vehicle searches may lead to the discovery of drug paraphernalia, which can then lead to drug testing. If the results are positive, you may feel your hopes diminish, even if you know you didn’t take any drugs.

There are defense strategies to counter these types of results.

  • Challenge The Results: False positive results can and do happen. If your results come back positive and you know for a fact that there were no illegal drugs in your system, ask your lawyer to hire an expert to analyze the evidence. It’s possible the test results were impacted by something completely innocent like medications or medical procedures. Getting rid of damaging evidence will go a long way towards protecting you.
  • Persistence: Court cases can be long and difficult battles. It is imperative that you have an attorney representing you who believes in you and is willing to fight for your rights despite obstacles and long timeframes. It is equally as important for the defendant to commit to the long haul and trust in their attorney to advocate for them.
  • Negotiation Skills: It’s rare for a case to not involve negotiations. A skilled negotiator can mean the difference between a prison sentence and a lesser penalty. Your attorney can argue against circumstantial evidence, ask for leniency based on a clean record, question police procedures, and argue many other legal points to secure your best outcome.
  • Experience: There is no substitute for experience. Defense attorneys who are familiar with the Wisconsin legal system and the specific charges you face have a higher chance of obtaining a desirable outcome. Seek out an attorney who has worked on cases similar to yours and understands the nuances of the law as it relates to drugs, drug tests, and/or test results.

Don’t Let Test Results Get You Down

Do not be discouraged after receiving positive test results in an OWI or drug case. With help from an experienced attorney it is possible to secure a favorable outcome.

The criminal defense attorneys at Eisenberg Law Offices will work hard to achieve the best possible outcome for you. We have successfully defended clients against drunk driving and related charges for over 30 years, helping them achieve better and brighter futures.

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