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Experience Matters In A Wisconsin Personal Injury Lawyer

How Experienced Should My Wisconsin Personal Injury Lawyer Be?

Choosing a Wisconsin personal injury lawyer to represent you isn’t as simple as calling up the first law firm you find. Just as you want an attorney who believes in you and your case, you also want one who has the right experience to advocate for you. But how much experience is enough and what kind of experience matters?

The Two Types Of Experience You Want In A Personal Injury Attorney

The best personal injury lawyer for your case should have two specific types of experience:

  • General torts experience, and
  • Practice experience.

General torts experience assures you that your attorney has the knowledge and ability to research your case and advocate for you in a court of law. Tort law is different from criminal law because wrongs can occur under tort law, even if there is no crime committed. Negligence is a good example of this. A business owner may be negligent in clearing ice from their sidewalk resulting in an injury to a passerby, but this is not a criminal action. These different types of cases need different types of skills and experience.

Practice experience is important because there are so many different situations that can lead to personal injuries. You want an attorney who has experience handling your specific type of personal injury. A Wisconsin personal injury lawyer who handles boating accidents, for example, probably wouldn’t be a good choice in a medical malpractice situation. Attorneys who routinely handle cases of the same type as yours will have years of experience and insider knowledge of how judges and juries tend to approach similar cases. This gives them an edge over attorneys with less direct case experience.

Another reason why practice experience matters is due to the little idiosyncrasies of different types of cases. Medical cases may require expert testimony. Worker’s compensation claims are subject to very strict timing and reporting requirements. Only attorneys who have experience with these types of cases will know exactly what is needed to achieve a successful outcome.

You should also look for an attorney who is used to working with other lawyers, judges, juries, and insurance companies.

There’s No Such Thing As A Too Experienced Wisconsin Personal Injury Lawyer

Experience matters. There is no question about that. If you are serious about winning your case, don’t dismiss this critical factor. A personal injury lawyer who has the right experience will make a difference from the start. He or she will be able to better understand and assess your situation and determine the best course of action, probably in your first meeting. As the case advances, the attorney’s skills can help bring the case to resolution quicker, sway the jury in your favor, or help to negotiate a settlement so you can avoid going to court altogether.

Finally, don’t let the attorney’s fees scare you. Although price may be a concern of yours, keep in mind that most personal injury attorneys work on a contingency basis. That means they do not collect a fee unless you win your case; payment is contingent on you being awarded compensation for your injury. If you don’t receive compensation, you aren’t charged for the attorney’s services.

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