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Fight Dog Bite Injury Claims

Do ‘Beware Of Dog’ Signs Legally Protect Dog Owners From Dog Bite Injury Lawsuits?

Dog owners can be understandably concerned about the potential for their pet to injure someone on their property. It’s one reason owners post “Beware of Dog” signs on their property. But how much legal protection do such signs provide?

Posted Signs May Work For Or Against You

As with any personal injury lawsuit, a dog bite injury case is specific to the circumstances surrounding it.

Here’s A Look At How The Sign Can Work Both Ways:

  1. The Sign Works In Favor Of The Dog Owner. Posting the sign in a visible location can work in the owner’s favor by showing that the victim knew there was a risk and voluntarily assumed it by getting close to the animal. A common defense in dog bite situations is that the sign was placed as a warning to prevent an attack from occurring in the first place, if the victim ignored that warning, he or she should be held responsible for the damages or injuries incurred.
  2. The Sign Works Against The Dog Owner. On the other hand, posting a sign may suggest the owner knew about the danger their dog presented. Plaintiffs can then try to use the sign as evidence that the owner was aware of their dog’s vicious propensities. This argument is particularly compelling if the dog has previously attacked someone.

Dog Owners Face Strict Liability In Wisconsin

In Wisconsin, dog owners are held strictly liable for damages resulting from a dog bite injury or attack. Owners must pay for damages incurred by a person that is bit by their dog.  Damage are doubled if the owner “was notified or knew that the dog previously caused injury to a person.”

The strict liability test is very difficult to get around if you’re an owner. Strict liability means that the owner could be held liable for the injuries regardless of whether or not he or she actually did anything wrong or knew the dog was a danger. The law covers any injury caused by a dog.  It doesn’t have to be a bite.

Law Firms In Madison, WI Can Help Assess A Dog Bite Case

If you have been involved in a dog bite case, as a victim, consult law firms in Madison, WI for advice. A personal injury attorney can assess your situation and explain your legal options. Be aware that there is a statute of limitations for dog bite injuries in Wisconsin. You only have 3 years from the time of the bite to bring a lawsuit, so if you want to pursue a case, do it before time runs out.

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