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If Charged With A Cybercrime, Call A Criminal Lawyer In Madison

Charged With A Cybercrime? Contact A Criminal Lawyer In Madison

If you are looking for a criminal lawyer in Madison because you have been accused of a cybercrime, you need to know that not all criminal defense lawyers are equal in this area. Cybercrime is still a fairly new area of law, and new precedents are being set all the time. In addition, it is not always a clear matter whether a computer act is criminal or not. This is a new frontier for our legal system, and the boundaries are still, in many ways, being set. If you are facing charges of cybercrime, you need a criminal defense attorney who is up to date on the latest case law in this niche, and knows what questions to ask on your behalf.

Examples Of Cybercrime

  • Computer Crimes – Isn’t that just another name for cybercrimes? Actually, it is a specific set of illegal actions, which are grouped together under cybercrime. In Wisconsin, a person must “willfully and knowingly” commit one of these actions in order to be convicted. In short, computer crimes are acts that harm computers or programs or equipment. The charges become more severe depending upon the amount of damage done, whether the act caused injury or the risk of death or bodily harm to anyone, whether any government operations or public utilities were disrupted, and other circumstances.
  • Cyberbullying – This is a charge that requires localized knowledge to defend, because the laws are still being developed and defined. In general, cyberbullying includes unwanted contact by email, messaging, or online forum, with that contact including threats, rumor or gossip, or lies intended to intimidate, shame, or harass the recipient. Cyberstalking is similar in definition, though it also includes soliciting minors for sex.
  • Selling Knockoff Merchandise – Even if they were manufactured by someone else, the seller of knockoff merchandise bearing a counterfeit trademark, a brand name or slogancan be charged with crimes and liable for civil damage by the trademark owner. When this is done online, it becomes a cybercrime.
  • Computer Viruses, Malware, And Denial-Of-Service Attacks – Although the definitions of each of these crimes are specific, they are all similar in that they involve causing someone else’s computer to malfunction. In cases like viruses and malware, the code that causes the problem is self-replicating and it uses infected computers to spread itself further. Some of them also give the creator remote access to control the victims’ computers.

Experience Matters

If you have been charged with a cybercrime, you need an attorney who is experienced in handling cybercrime cases, and understands this new area of law. Eisenberg Law Offices has criminal lawyers in Madison who are prepared to build the strongest defense possible for you, and work toward options that may reduce or eliminate any fines or jail time. Contact us online or at 608-256-8356 today for a free consultation on your case.]]>