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Injury Lawyers In Madison Look At Sports Injury Lawsuits

Injury Lawyers In Madison Look At 7 Common Questions Regarding Sports Injury Lawsuits

Sports are serious business in Wisconsin. Whether it is small-town Little League or a Monday night Packers rivalry game, we love to watch and play sports. Like anything else, there’s a chance for injury during any sporting event; and while the chance is usually higher that participants will be the ones to get hurt, spectators can find themselves getting injured as well.

What kinds of protections are in place for athletes and spectators who become injured as a result of a sporting event?

Listed below are some of the top questions our injury lawyers in Madison hear every year.

Common Questions Regarding Sports Injury Lawsuits

  1. If I Am Injured At A Sporting Event Can I Sue? While there is some assumption of risk when you attend sporting events, personal injury lawsuits can be filed if there was clear negligence on the part of the team or event management.
  2. What If My Kid Gets Hurt During While Playing Sports? Despite advances in safety gear and training techniques, 1 in 10 kids gets hurt playing sports. Prevention remains the best medicine in these cases. Proper training and equipment, as well as paying attention to the child’s complaints of aches or pains is the best way to prevent injury.
  3. What Can Be Done About Concussion Rates Among Children? Concussion rates among kids are on the rise. This could be due to better reporting and more children being seen by doctors than in the past, but the fact remains that even one concussion is one too many. Parents and coaches need to: make sure kids have the proper equipment to participate in sports, become better at recognizing the signs of brain injury, encourage kids to tell them if they aren’t feeling well, and keep kids out of the game until they are fully recovered.
  4. How Can I Keep My Child Safe When Playing Sports? Encourage your child to listen to the coach and follow directions, but also to listen to his or her own body and instincts. If something doesn’t feel right, the child should feel comfortable telling parents and coaches that they need help. Make sure kids are wearing all of their protective gear and don’t force them into situation they aren’t ready for yet.
  5. Can I Sue The Coach For Extreme Practice Requirements? All players (and their families) assume some form of risk when playing sports. That doesn’t mean the coach is free to encourage or demand reckless behavior from participants. In some cases, extreme-coaching techniques can lead to injuries that do result in successful personal injury lawsuits.
  6. Am I Required To Sign School Liability Waivers? Liability waivers are intended to protect schools from liability for student injuries. In some cases you are simply asked to sign the waiver; in others your child won’t be allowed to participate in the activity without a signed waiver. Keep in mind that all waivers have their limits. Just because you signed a waiver does not necessarily mean you will be unable to bring a lawsuit if an injury befalls your child.
  7. Do School Sports Injury Lawsuits Succeed? Most schools will require you to sign a waiver, which can make it difficult to bring a lawsuit, but not impossible. Every injury and subsequent lawsuit is unique. Some succeed, others fail. Issues such as negligence, assumption of risk, and past precedent can all affect the outcome of the case.

Injury Lawyers In Madison Can Help You Evaluate Your Case

Personal injury lawsuits are complex and unique to the situation. Even with past precedent in place, there is no guarantee that a sports injury lawsuit will prevail. The only way to determine if you have a case is to consult with the Eisenberg Law Offices injury lawyers in Madison. Contact us at 608-256-8356 to discuss your situation and learn more about sports injury lawsuits.