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Let Personal Injury Attorney Assess Your Case

Should You Pursue A Civil Wrong With A Wisconsin Personal Injury Lawyer?

Personal injury is the area of law that addresses compensation you can receive for injuries that result from someone else’s negligence, carelessness, or intentional conduct. Not every affront in life is worth pursuing, but when your potential losses are large, you should consult a Wisconsin personal injury lawyer. A personal injury attorney will help you evaluate your claim.

When Do You Have A Case?

The field for potential personal injuries claims is broad. Any injury caused by someone else’s negligence or intentional acts can be the basis for compensation.

Often, an action can have both civil and criminal implications, which is why you often see someone charged with a crime also be subject to a civil suit. As a result of your injuries, you might incur medical bills, lost wages, future earnings, emotional distress, wrongful death of a loved one, pain and suffering, or a loss of companionship or consortium. You may also be eligible to collect punitive damages.

How A Wisconsin Personal Injury Lawyer Assesses Your Case

After you have been wronged, you may choose to take your case to a personal injury lawyer who will evaluate your situation based on its legal merits and financial aspects. He will look at three areas before committing to take the case:

Liability. Who is responsible for causing the action? The other party might be wholly or only partly to blame. Your lawyer will examine whether you might have been partly to blame or assumed a certain amount of risk.

Loss. What losses resulted from the injury? Are they serious, long-term and life-altering or minor?

Insurance or Deep Pocket. Is there a source available to pay your damages?

Pursuing legal action, whether it ultimately goes to court or is handled by a settlement, is a costly undertaking. Personal injury cases are usually accepted on a contingency basis, which means that no money is exchanged until after the case is settled. The law firm shoulders or fronts the expenses incurred in proving the case.

Deciding Whether Or Not To Take The Next Step

If you have suffered a loss from an accident or negligence, you should seek the advice of a Wisconsin personal injury lawyer you trust.

The Wisconsin personal injury lawyers at Eisenberg Law will always give you an honest assessment of the merits of your case. If you have a personal injury concern, give us a call at 608-256-8356 for a free consultation.