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Madison Car Accident Attorneys And Tractor-Trailer Accidents

Madison Car Accident Attorneys Notice Sharp Rise In Tractor Trailer No-Zone Accident Injuries

Along with other Madison car accident attorneys, we’ve noticed an alarming trend on Wisconsin highways and byways: a skyrocketing rise in the number and severity of injuries sustained by drivers and passengers who are unlucky enough to be involved in an accident with a semi-trailer.
Wisconsin has several major expressways bisecting the state and even more local roads and highways. Combined with heavy tourism numbers, heavy tractor-trailer usage, and unpredictable weather it’s no surprise that accidents happen.

Some of the most deadly of these accidents involve tractor-trailers and their “no-zones.” No-zones are blind spots and other dangerous areas where accidents are most likely to occur. They are called no-zones because you should not be driving in these areas. Given the size and weight of these trucks it’s no surprise that the most severe and deadliest of injuries happen to drivers and passengers of the other vehicle, not the truck drivers.

Drivers need to understand the risks of driving near tractor-trailers and understand how to protect themselves and their passengers.

Identify No-Zones And Stay Out Of Them

The first way to protect yourself and your passengers is to learn where the no-zones are located and stay away from them. There are four major no-zones surrounding tractor-trailers. Avoid driving in these areas to best protect yourself.

  1. Front No-Zone: Never cut right in front of a tractor-trailer. These trucks are much larger and much heavier than the average personal vehicle. They need more time and more distance to safely stop and avoid an accident. Give them and yourself plenty of space when merging or when getting back in the lane after passing.
  2. Side No-Zone: It’s very easy to sit in a truck’s side blind spot when driving on the highway. If you can’t see the driver’s face in the side mirrors, assume that he/she cannot see you and get out of that location as soon as you safely can.
  3. Rear No-Zone: Tractor-trailers that are hauling a load don’t have use of their rearview mirrors, which means they can’t see what’s right behind them, including you. Never tailgate a tractor-trailer; the general rule of thumb is if you cannot see a tractor-trailers’ side mirrors, the driver cannot see you.
  4. Wide Right Turns: It’s impossible to miss the “This Vehicle Makes Wide Right Turns” signs plastered all over the backs of semis and other large trucks. Play it safe by giving them the space they need to make a right turn.

When Accidents Happen Madison Car Accident Attorneys Are Here To Help

Despite our best precautions, accidents can still happen. If you’ve been injured in an accident with a tractor-trailer, Madison car accident attorneys can help you get through the aftermath. You may have several legal options available to you that can help pay for medical expenses or property damage. We can even help navigate the insurance claims process and negotiate insurance settlements to help you receive a fair amount of compensation for your pain and suffering.

Learn more about our truck accident representation by calling our office at 608-256-8356 or request a consultation online.