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OWI attorney Madison WI

Questions For Your OWI Attorney In Madison WI

Questions To Ask Before Hiring An OWI Attorney In Madison, WI

It may seem like the worst is over once you’ve posted bail and been released after an OWI arrest, but  there’s more to come. Now is the time to start looking for an OWI attorney in Madison, WI who can help you defend yourself against the charges and possibly save your license.

But how do you go about doing that? How do you find a qualified OWI attorney? Start with the list below. We’ve assembled a list of questions to ask an OWI attorney before hiring him or her to defend you.

7 Questions To Ask When Interviewing An OWI Attorney In Madison, WI

You’ll need help fighting OWI charges in Wisconsin. The law has become stricter in recent years, creating a need for experienced legal counsel in almost every OWI or DUI situation. Use the following questions to help find an attorney that will look out for your best interests and provide you with the best outcome.

1 – How Long Have You Been A Criminal Defense Attorney?

OWI charges in Wisconsin bring with them hefty fines, driving restrictions, and can lead to jail time. You need the help of an experienced criminal defense attorney who has familiarity with the state’s drunk driving laws and with criminal defense.

2 – How Much Experience Do You Have Handling This Type Of Case?

While experience with criminal defense is desirable, you want to make sure it’s the right kind of experience. Ask about the attorney’s background with Wisconsin OWI/DUI and, in particular, your specific situation and/or charges, including their experience with jury trials.

3 – What Is My Best And Worst-Case Scenario?

You want an attorney who will be honest with you. It does you no good if the attorney sugar coats your situation. Ask for their honest opinion of your situation and your chances of success/failure to see if they will be straight with your or tell you only what they think you want to hear.

4 – What Is Your Fee Structure And What Is Included In The Fee?

Fees can play a major part in the decision of whom you hire to represent you. Ask about the fee structure upfront so you know how much and what type of assistance you will receive.

5 – How Familiar Are You With The Local Court System?

Knowledge of the local courts, judges, recorders, and staff can go a long way towards influencing a positive outcome for you. At a minimum the attorney should be familiar with the county and state within which you have been charged.

6 – What Kind Of Defense Strategy Do You Expect To Employ?

Ask what kinds of defenses are available in cases like yours and which one the attorney thinks would be most effective in this situation.

7 – What Kind Of Communication Can I Expect From You?

Find out how and how often the attorney will communicate with you. You want to get an idea of the attorney’s communication style and responsiveness to you.

Meet With An OWI Attorney In Madison, WI At Eisenberg Law Offices

The criminal defense attorneys at Madison’s Eisenberg Law Offices have over 35 years of experience defending our clients in the Wisconsin court system. Our drunk driving defense attorneys represent clients facing charges of OWI, DUI, and DWI in Madison and beyond.

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