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Vehicle Safety Features Help Reduce Teenage Car Accidents

Modern Vehicle Safety Features Help Reduce Teenage Car Accidents In Wisconsin

According to the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS), teenage car accident fatalities are on the decline. Some of this has to do with stricter licensing requirements and graduated licensing systems, but another component of this positive trend can be attributed to advances in automobile safety systems.

There was a time when the safest cars for young drivers were considered to be “big, slow, and old”. That philosophy does not hold true any longer. Thanks to advances in technology like auto-braking, blind spot monitoring, electronic stability control, and lane departure warnings, today’s modern cars are safer than ever for teens and adults alike.

Inexperience Kills

The biggest factor in teenage car accidents in Wisconsin is simple inexperience. A lack of highway driving experience or experience driving in the snow or inclement weather, dark roads, areas heavy with other cars, or even areas heavy with deer can all contribute to teenage traffic accidents.

This is where automobile safety features become most important. Almost all of these features act as additional “eyes and ears” for drivers providing them with advance warning of dangers or risks or even literally putting the brakes on to prevent or minimize an accident.

While there is no substitute for experience, the safest cars for young drivers have safety features that provide parents with peace of mind knowing that their teenage driver is as protected as he or she can be when behind the wheel.

Cost Considerations

The downside is cost. Traditionally, a teen’s first car is used, but since many of these safety advancements are not standard and were not even available prior to 2012, it’s difficult to find inexpensive cars that have these features. Parents will likely have to balance cost with safety features to find the safest cars for young drivers, but the benefits are worth it. Not only do these systems help protect young drivers, they can help reduce auto insurance rates too.

Another option is to lease a new car. Some new car leases are very affordable making them a good choice for families that want more safety features but balk at the purchase price of a new car. In general, it’s best to buy as much safety as you can afford if you are concerned about teenage car accidents.

To help you get started, consider The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety list of recommended used cars for teenagers.

Practice And Familiarity Can Reduce Teenage Car Accidents

Regardless of whether or not your car makes the list of the safest cars for young drivers, the most important way to reduce the risk of teenage car accidents is to make sure they are comfortable driving the car. That means taking time to practice driving but also:

  • Choosing an appropriately sized car. For example, large vehicles are generally considered safer in an accident but they may be too big for teens to handle. Cars that carry a lot of passengers can lead to more teens being in the car which may distract the driver.
  • Becoming familiar with the features of the car and how it operates. This includes safety features as well as general operating features, dimensions, and how the car performs/behaves.

New drivers actually have an advantage over experienced drivers when it comes to automobile safety technology. Unlike older drivers, today’s teens will experience these technologies from the moment they get behind the wheel making them more apt to understand and use the technology to improve driving safety.

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