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Wisconsin Truck Accidents And Their Causes

4 Common Causes Of Wisconsin Truck Accidents

Wisconsin’s highways are full of semi-trucks and 18-wheelers from across the country. That puts other drivers at risk of becoming involved in trucking accidents. Truck accidents can be particularly devastating for automobile drivers, including those in SUVs and even larger vehicles; none of them can stand up to the full weight and force of a semi-truck.

You can help protect yourself by learning more about how and why truck accidents occur so you can take defensive driving measures when you’re on the road with these large vehicles.

4 Common Causes Of Truck Accidents

  1. Distracted Driving. It’s not just semi-truck drivers who can become distracted while driving, but when they do and it results in an accident, the outcome can be particularly devastating for others on the road. Don’t let yourself become distracted while driving. Take measures to reduce the risk of being surprised by another distracted driver.
  2. Irresponsible Driving. Many things fall into the category of irresponsible truck driving; driving for too long a period of time, overscheduling drivers, or neglecting to keep the truck in safe operating condition can all be considered irresponsible driving and cause accidents. Keep an eye out for trucks when you’re on the road. Avoid those that weave or seem to speed up and slow down sporadically or just otherwise don’t seem to be driving quite as safely as you’d like.
  3. Traffic Violations. Like many drivers, truck drivers can violate basic traffic laws. The difference is that when a semi runs a red light or slams into the back of another vehicle after following too closely, the occupants of the other vehicle are likely to suffer much more serious injuries than if they were hit by another automobile. Even incidents that are out of the truckers control like a car that suddenly stops in front of them or being cut off can be devastating because trucks don’t have the same agility as cars do to swerve or slow down quick enough to avoid an accident. Be sure to always give truckers extra room in front and behind you. Don’t cut them off or tailgate.
  4. DUI. DUIs can stem from alcohol or drugs, even prescription drugs. Even if a driver is legally allowed to use a prescribed medicine, some of those medications carry warnings not to operate machinery or drive while using them. However, if driving is your livelihood, not driving while using a medication may not be possible. That’s not an excuse, but rather helps serve as a reminder that many things can impair a driver’s ability to safely operate a vehicle and truckers are no exception.

Keep these tips in mind to protect yourself and your passengers next time you’re driving on Wisconsin’s highways. If you are involved in a truck accident, contact the attorneys at Eisenberg Law Offices to discuss your legal options.

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