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arrested in Wisconsin

Getting a Lawyer After You Are Arrested

When you get arrested, your mind starts racing. You think about your friends and your family, about what you are going to do. Hopefully, you also think about contacting a lawyer. Before you do, though, you have some time to stop and plan. You don’t want to call the first attorney you hear about. Instead, do a little work and make sure you find the right person for your case.

Research Your Choices First

First, you need to look into lawyers who practice criminal law. If you are arrested in the Madison, Wisconsin area, you don’t want to call on an out-of-state lawyer who does not know the local laws or court rules. You also want someone who has a good reputation and works in criminal court; a great civil lawyer might be out of his or her element working against a prosecuting attorney.

Find the Right Experience

There is more to experience than just knowing the court and practicing in your area of law. You want someone who has handled your kind of case to represent you well. White collar criminal defendants deal with very different legal issues from domestic assault defendants or drug possession defendants. When your freedom and your criminal record are on the line, you do not want to work with someone who dabbles–no matter how smart or accomplished he or she is in another area of expertise.

Don’t Wait Too Long

While you want to get your choice right, you also can’t wait too long before you hire an attorney. The criminal law process works much more quickly than civil cases do, so you need to find strong representation. Ask friends and family to help you look into your options, and try to meet with an attorney within a few days of your arrest. That face to face meeting can help show you how well you can work with someone.

If you are looking for experienced representation after an arrest, contact Eisenberg Law Offices, online or at (608)256-8356. We have the experience and the knowledge you need for your defense.