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How Can You Stop Someone From Charging You With Embezzlement?

You would think that doing your job and being as honest as possible about any transactions you make would protect you from accusations of embezzlement. However, if your employer has discovered that money is missing and may have been embezzled, then the company is going to do whatever it can to investigate — and that means treating you as a suspect if there appears to be any connection between you and the money. Your treatment during these investigations could be the key to getting those accusations dismissed and avoiding a charge.

Bullying and Making Life Miserable for You

First, you are innocent until proven guilty, and your employer and the investigators can’t make your life miserable (at work or outside of it) while they look for evidence. Start keeping records of your treatment because if you can show that your employer made snide remarks to you or kept threatening you unless you “confessed” — those are just examples — that could open the employer up to charges of harassment. Plus, if they can’t find evidence but still try to fire you or falsely accuse you of embezzlement to other prospective employers, you could have a defamation case against the company.

Technicalities and Violations of Audio-Visual Recording

States have specific laws governing the use of video and audio recording, and these two types of recording are often separate in terms of legality. For example, your boss can record video of the office, such as for security reasons, if he or she makes it clear you’re being recorded. However, many states do not allow audio recording unless both parties give permission, meaning you have to agree to be recorded. In general, Wisconsin is a one-party state, but companies can have stated policies that forbid one-party-consent recording. That policy could protect you, too, if you find your employer has recorded you without your consent.

If you’re being investigated for embezzlement, contact Eisenberg Law Offices at 608-256-8356 as soon as possible. This is a situation you have to monitor carefully, and you’ll need legal help.