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What Is Intentional Homicide In Wisconsin?

Intentional Homicide Charges in Wisconsin – know your rights!

Intentional homicide is a specific kind of murder charge in Wisconsin in which you stand accused of killing another person, or a mother and her unborn child, on purpose. If you are arrested for intentional homicide, it is one of the most significant criminal charges that can be brought against you. You need to understand the charge and your rights in this situation.

First Degree Intentional Homicide

Most intentional killings of another person qualify as first degree intentional homicide. This is a class A felony in Wisconsin, which subjects you to life in prison if you are convicted. And if you meant to kill someone, but killed a different person by accident, the charge and the penalty remain the same.

Wisconsin does not have the death penalty. Rather, the penalty for first degree intentional homicide is life in prison. To avoid this penalty, you need to show that you did not intend to kill anyone, or show a justification that can reduce the severity of your crime.

Second Degree Intentional Homicide

Second degree intentional homicide still results from killing someone on purpose, but the charge is reduced due to one of three factors:

  1. Someone provoked you to lose self-control;
  2. you were defending yourself against a threat of harm; or
  3. you killed the person to stop a felony in progress.

This reduces the charge to a Class B Felony, which still carries a sentence of up to 60 years in prison. Because there is no mandatory sentence, though, a strong justification can help you reduce the sentence substantially.

Intentional homicide represents the most significant criminal charge a person can face in Wisconsin. If your actions have led to a person dying, you cannot afford to take chances with your legal defense. Contact the experienced professionals at Eisenberg Law Offices to help you protect your rights.