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Illegal drug possession charges

Long-Term Effects of Juvenile Drug Crime Penalties

Accused of Juvenile Drug Crimes? Criminal Lawyer can help mitigate impact

Juvenile drug crimes are not treated lightly. Even if the eventual penalties for a particular case are not severe, it is never a given that the courts will go easy on the juvenile. In fact, they could hand down relatively harsh or long-lasting punishment depending on certain circumstances. For juveniles and their families, these penalties could have long-term effects.

Basic Penalties

Juveniles may face punishment for a number of drug-related activities such as possession, intent to sell, injury caused during a drug transaction or due to the influence of drugs, and even possession of drug paraphernalia without any drugs being present. Conviction on any of these charges can lead to fines and supervision, and parents may be required to pay for damages that occurred during or as a result of the juvenile’s involvement with drugs.

The limit for reimbursement by parents is $5,000, and for those with lower incomes, that can be a difficult amount to gather. The effects of the conviction last longer than just the jail time or time it takes to pay fines. These crimes may make it harder for the juvenile to receive any federal funding for school in the future, and they may make it harder for the juvenile to move away from home and rent property. Future employers, too, may take the conviction into account.

A Potential Way Out

In particular cases, severe punishment may not be the only option. Courts can allow juveniles to go into a treatment program for drug offenders; if the juvenile successfully completes the program, that could reduce charges substantially or even reduce any further punishment. Each case is highly individual.

Juveniles facing drug charges need to speak with a lawyer who is well-versed in how Wisconsin courts handle drug charges. It may be possible to arrange a deal that lessens the long-term effects of the conviction, but those facing charges need to see a criminal defense lawyer immediately. Contact Eisenberg Law Offices to schedule an appointment for a consultation.