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OWI On A Bike | WI OWI Laws | Eisenberg Law

Is It Possible to Receive an OWI on a Bike in Wisconsin?

Drunk driving is punished severely in Wisconsin, but what qualifies as “driving”? Can you get an OWI on a bike? Technically, the answer is no, you cannot be charged with OWI for riding a bike while intoxicated. However, that does not mean you cannot be charged with other offenses.

OWI and Motor Vehicles

The reason you cannot be charged with OWI on a bike comes down to statutory definitions. In Wisconsin, the statutory definition of operating while intoxicated expressly prohibits the driving or operation of a motor vehicle while under the influence of an intoxicant or controlled substance.

Under Wisconsin State Statute 340.01(35), a bicycle is not considered a motor vehicle. The statute defines a motor vehicle as: “a vehicle, including a combination of 2 or more vehicles or an articulated vehicle, which is self-propelled”. This includes snowmobiles, ATVs and UTVs, electric scooters, and electric personal assistive mobility devices, but specifically excludes electric bicycles.

Since bicycles are not self-propelled, they are not considered motor vehicles and not subject to laws governing the use and operation of motor vehicles, including motor vehicle OWI laws.

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